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Despite the fact that he doesn't have a contract and has yet to play a snap in the NFL, Tim Tebow(notes) was announced on Tuesday as a new spokesman for Jockey.

The Denver Broncos rookie signed a multi-year deal with the company to promote its products, including its upcoming "Staycool" collection, which is Jockey's attempt to get into Under Armour's market of skin-cooling apparel.  

Not even Maurice Clarett sponsoring Grey Goose would fit so perfectly as the former Florida quarterback partnering with Jockey. Tebow can get away with wearing white, he's comfortable being photographed shirtless and he'll be as successful an NFL quarterback as Jim Palmer. Throw in the obvious commercials where he plays the yin to Charlie Sheen's yang (wait, that came out wrong) and that's a recipe for commercial magic.

And because it's apparently still 1992, somebody asked Tebow whether he wears boxers or briefs. Darren Rovell Tweeted Tebow's response.

"I go with briefs because they are more comfortable and better fitting,"  Tebow said, as if we all hadn't long ago guessed that he wears tighty-whities.

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