Report: NFL will release full 2024 schedule on May 15

The NFL will release the full 2024 schedule on May 15 at 8 p.m. ET, Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal reports.

PFT previously reported that signs pointed to the release of the schedule next week.

The NFL confirmed to teams it will be next week in a memo from executive vice president of media distribution Hans Schroeder on Tuesday.

Teams had been expecting the release this Thursday, and the reason for the delay was not explained in the memo.

It could be the league's fairly recent decision to play two games on Wednesday, December 25, after Schroeder said the NFL wouldn't play games on Christmas when it lands on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. The league then had to pick the Christmas matchups, sell the rights and schedule the four teams playing in those games to play the preceding Saturday.

In any case, we will know the schedule soon enough, just not as soon as most expected.