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If you happened to miss it yesterday, Eagles defensive back Sheldon Brown(notes) took the field yesterday wearing a mask like the one worn by the evil Jason in the "Friday the 13th" movies. It was kinda scary, I guess, but would've been much scarier if Brown's real head was in the helmet he was carrying down at his side.

Was there a significance to the mask? Apparently so, but Sheldon's not telling anyone what it is. From 950 ESPN's post-game quotes:

"I don't want to talk about it. That's the way my career has been and I'll let you figure that out."

Hmm. It's kind of hard to say. All you can tell from that quote is that Sheldon Brown is really, really deep.

My guess at Sheldon's interpretation is this: Jason, who wore the mask in the movies, was killed and resurrected about 892 times. Perhaps Sheldon feels like he, or the Eagles defense, has been pronounced dead over and over again, and yet, they keep coming back to life and killing people.

I don't know. Something along those lines is my guess. Sheldon Brown is a cipher. A ciper, wrapped in an enigma. Smothered in secret sauce.

Alternately, I like this explanation from commenter Tie Manna at The 700 Level:

Just like in the movies, he spent the whole show slowly chasing after people only to catch up, and then get killed.

Anyway, Drew Brees(notes) figured that the best way to attack the vicious beast was to throw footballs at it, and it worked. He didn't stop until the Saints had 48 points, 26 more than the Eagles, and there wasn't anything that Jason, Freddy, Leatherface or Pinhead could do about it.

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