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The following audio comes from Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola(notes), immediately after Sunday night's Saints vs. Lions game, the one where the Lions committed 11 penalties for a loss of 107 yards.

One gets the sense that Raiola is frustrated with the Lions immaturity. Call it a hunch. Also, the "Grow the [expletive] up" card is a bold one to play, for a guy who did this (naughty language at that link; naughty language is that link).

Still, the message is valid. One hopes it doesn't fall on deaf Lion ears. This is too good a team to let a playoff spot slip away because they can't keep their (expletive) together (see what kind of example you set, Dominic Raiola?). The growing up is going to have to come fast, too. The more the Lions are out of control, the more other teams are going to goad them.

The anger is not unjustified. Raiola repeated "Grow the [expletive] up" so many times that by the end of it, I felt like he was talking to me. I didn't do anything, man. But I'll wear penny loafers and an ascot tomorrow, if it'll get you to stop yelling.

Audio from WIRX, via Pride of Detroit.

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