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The San Francisco 49ers weren't super explosive on Sunday afternoon -- their win against the Cardinals was more of a slow bludgeoning. They did throw a few haymakers, though, namely this series of punches thrown by 49ers safety Dashon Goldon at Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Early Doucet(notes).

As you'll note at about the 31-second mark, it way Doucet who threw fists first. But Goldson did it with a much bigger audience, and his punches were way more punch-like. They probably both deserved to be ejected, but as you know, the retaliator's always the one who gets pinched.

The question that comes immediately to my mind is this: What can possibly be gained by punching a man in the facemask? Even if Goldson lands the punch to Doucet, what? You hurt a facemask's feelings? It's physically impossible to punch that guy's face. Maybe, if you have a super long finger, you could poke him in the eye. A fight between two men wearing full NFL pads might last forever.

The aftermath: Goldson was penalized and ejected. Doucet escaped punishment-free. If it makes Goldson feel any better, though, if this happened in the days before facemasks, I'm pretty sure he would've dominated that fight.

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