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In his defense, Drayton Florence(notes) was unsure whether he'd be back with the Buffalo Bills this season. The 30-year-old cornerback had been with the team for the past two years but was drawing attention from other franchises as an unrestricted free agent. Once the lockout ended, Buffalo acted quickly to bring Florence back to town, though, locking him up for three years, $15 million.

That was on July 27. It's now Aug. 25 and Drayton Florence still doesn't have a place to live in Buffalo.

Instead of calling a realtor or checking Craiglist or asking his teammates for advice or calling his old landlord, Florence decided the best way to solve this housing problem was to go full Ochocinco and ask his Twitter friends for help:

Bills CB offers season tickets to fan who helps find him condo

Seeing as how Florence has about 9,300 followers compared to Chad Ohocinco's 2.6 million, the responses didn't flood his timeline as quickly as he had apparently hoped. Minutes later, he tweeted a new offer to fans:

Bills CB offers season tickets to fan who helps find him condo

Evidently this got some responses from fans. One man said his aunt owned a property in Buffalo. Florence said he'd privately send his number to the guy, who, it should be added, has an avatar of the grim reaper giving a "west side" sign.

Florence's followers should have held out a little longer. He was so desperate for help he offered two season tickets like that. Who knows how high the bidding could have gone if they waited him out? Surely they could have gotten something better out of the deal than season tickets to the Bills.

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