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Oregon rolled out an entire set of new uniforms this summer for at least the sixth time in the last decade, adding to the preposterous number of gameday combinations the Ducks have at their disposal on any given weekend. Except for this weekend, when they looked at their bulging closet, starting flinging random day-glo items on the bed in a blind anger and watched the mascara run down their cheeks in the mirror until they realized that what they really need is a little old-fashioned simplicity:

All indications are that Oregon will unveil a retro-style uniform when the Ducks face California on Saturday.

Much of the team is wearing yellow helmets for practice today. That’s yellow like the 1994 Rose Bowl team wore, not like the 2006 Las Vegas Bowl team wore.

On sale in the Duck Store at the Moshofsky Center are green throwback jerseys and new T-shirts featuring Oregon’s old interlocking UO logo.

The Oregon Register-Guard says an homage to the '94-style jerseys "have long been rumored," possibly beginning right here last October. I'm sure these will be slick, designer throwbacks, since the real ones were donated to local junior highs or shipped off to Africa or something, but still: Duck fans saturated with a decade's worth of the Nike Space Gladiator™ theme won't realize what they had with those sweet old yellow helmets and Donald Duck motif until they see them in action again.

In related news, Penn State will commemorate its 1994 Rose Bowl team by wearing throwback uniforms for the 1,195th game in a row.

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