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It's been years now since Oregon introduced the "next generation" unis originally designed by Nike for fickle intergalactic space gladiators with no time for dry cleaning, much to the chagrin of the conventional wisdom that considers Penn State's look "classy." As much abuse as they've taken, though, the Ducks have steadily toned down the racing stripes and multi-colored "truck bed" imprinting, and suddenly I find myself kind of liking the new scheme they trotted out for last Saturday's dismantling of Arizona State:

I can't really put my finger on it, exactly, unless it's the yellow shoes working with the stripe-less yellow pants against the white jersey. Yeah, I think that's it. That's a good look. In fact, if you took basically this exact same motif and just added slightly more yellow in the right place, maybe something like ...

Oh yeah. That is perfect.

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Dr. Saturday

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