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Kenyon Martin(notes) has blocked 735 shots in his career, good for a little more than one a game. And if Kenyon has his way, that one a game is going to be pretty massive. We're talking ball-in-the-stands, loud scream, flex-some-muscles massive. That's just how Kenyon Martin rolls.

But Lionel Hollins, current Memphis head coach and member of the team-oriented 1977 NBA champion Portland Trailblazers, he's not a huge fan of that kind of stuff. He's not going to take any guff from some youngster with lips tattooed on his neck.

You put those two together on the sideline of an NBA game and it's the perfect storm of personality.

Give it up to Lionel Hollins. Not only won't he let his team get shown up, he's also got crazy quick hands. He goes from sitting down in the opposite direction of the ball to knocking it back in to the stands in a split-second. I guess that's why he averaged more than a steal a game in his playing career.

No word yet on whether or not Martin threatened to "lay hands" on anyone or skip the playoffs because of this. That wouldn't be terribly surprising reaction.

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Ball Don't Lie

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