Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Don't kill Carlos Boozer(notes) for this.

For one, he was taking part in Gatorade's "Replay" series from a few weeks ago, working to help with a rematch of a decade-old game between Brother Rice and Bloom high schools, and this game of HORSE appeared to be an extension of that charitable arm.

Secondly, while Boozer is one of the better shooting big men in the NBA, he's going up against a high school guard that looks to be about 6-2. And he had to spend the better part of the match raining in 3-pointers, only dunking once.

The rest is a pretty cool watch, though:

Considering this is all we have to see from Carlos in red and black for the next two months, I'll take it.

(HT: A Stern Warning.)

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Ball Don't Lie

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