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If you had to choose one skill from an NBA player to steal like you were an outer space monster hoping to please your boss at an extraterrestrial amusement park, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better joice than Ray Allen's(notes) jump shot. After watching Ray hit a finals record eight threes during Boston's Game 2 win, these guys know what I'm talking about.

So pretty. And so very similar to Michael Jordan's famous "shrug game" from 1992, if you listen to NBA broadcasters.

But if you listen to Ray Allen, Jordan's shooting wasn't anything special, and he'll tell anybody the same thing. And yes, "anybody" includes Michael Jordan. From the Boston Globe's Bob Hohler:

"I do remember that, and Mike, I'm going to tell him that his were a lot easier,'' Allen said. "He wasn't running off screens. He was just shooting the ball and had it going. As a child, those were some of my favorite memories, being a fan of MJ and the things he did in the playoffs and the Finals. That's something that's going to stand out in my mind for the rest of my life.''

Seems risky to me. Ray Allen wouldn't want to jeapordize his status as "guy with the best shoes in the NBA," but off-handedly mentioning to the most competitive man on Earth that his most famous shooting display wasn't that great might be against some kind of clause in Allen's contract with Jordan Brand. We'll know he went through with it if next year Ray Allen is wearing Filas.

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Ball Don't Lie

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