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Orlando Magic guard Mickael Pietrus(notes) has been wearing Nike Hyperdunk sneakers endorsed by Kobe Bryant(notes) this season. (Rumor has it the kicks help him leap out-of-control Aston Martins. He hangs out with Ronny Turiaf(notes) a lot.)

However, with the players set to do battle in the NBA Finals, Pietrus is planning a key wardrobe change. As the old saying goes, to truly guard someone, you should walk a mile in his or her shoes, just never in front of them. Or something like that. Maybe it takes a village.

"I have [Kobe shoes] at my house, but I'm going to play with Michael Jordan shoes," Pietrus said, according to Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel.

Pietrus, who had the unenviable task of guarding LeBron James(notes) in the Eastern Conference finals, has an interesting new game plan for slowing down Kobe and, quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if his mother came up with it.

He plans on asking nicely:

"The only thing I can do is try to minimize his touches in the fourth quarter," Pietrus said. "He's a tremendous player and those guys you can not stop them. So maybe I can say, 'Hey, stop, Kobe! Yo! Stop!' Maybe that's the only way I can stop him. 'Stop for a minute!'"

You know, that's just crazy enough to work ... not at all.

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