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ESPN’s Chris Sheridan sues Peter Vecsey for libel. (Muffled laughter)

ESPN's Chris Sheridan is suing Peter Vecsey for libel, and I had to stop myself from writing "LOL" in the headline of this post.

The New York Post's Peter Vecsey doesn't like anyone. Well, almost anyone. He's always been nice to me, something that may be typified by but not limited to the fact that we both share a kinship for the musical stylings of Vecsey's late friends Teddy Pendergrass and Grover Washington Jr., and probably because I don't work out of New York and I don't break stories.

Former AP scribe and current writer Chris Sheridan breaks stories (though I guess I can't name a recent one, but, well, I can't afford a lawyer ...), works out of New York and kind of called (as was the case with several NBA writers because that deal was on the table for months) the Carmelo Anthony(notes)-to-New York trade last December, two months before it was forced through by Knick owner James Dolan. Last December, Vecsey wrote a Vecsey-like piece destroying Sheridan for his work on the subject. Not content to rub getting it right in Pete's face following the deal that actually came true, Sheridan decided to file suit. Somewhat, or mostly, hilariously.

From Forbes:

Vecsey's article argued that the New York Knicks did not have a good chance of obtaining basketball player Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets and called Sheridan's reporting the "latest fairy tale" derived from the "same fountains of misinformation that frequently play make-believe with ESPN's Chris Sheridan." Sheridan had reported on two days earlier that if Anthony were to be traded from the Nuggets, he would only agree to sign a contract extension if he was traded to the Knicks. Sheridan cited an anonymous source.

Anthony was indeed traded to the Knicks in February, an event that Sheridan's lawsuit humbly describes as "one of the most important stories in New York City basketball over the past forty (40) years."

Sheridan claims that Vecsey was motivated by his "historic malice towards Mr. Sheridan" and "fabricated an entirely false and sustained tirade against Mr. Sheridan." Sheridan claims he demanded a retraction from Vecsey and the New York Post on April 7, but that they did not respond.

The Forbes report on this joke points out that Sheridan's suit actually sites comments posted on the Post website following the column say really super-mean things about Sheridan, and … seriously Chris? You're reading comment sections? Do you still search your name on the Internet, as well? You know you write for a huge website, right? You know how this works by now, right?

You know that it's Peter Vecsey, too, right? And that he's been well below the Mendoza Line with these sorts of stories for years, righto?

Obviously not. Sue him if he plays too long, apparently.

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