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For a sports city that's experienced their fair share of championship droughts, collapses and "curses" — see: The Catch, The Fumble, The Shot, etc. — the Cleveland Cavaliers sure are a confident bunch when it comes to reading tea leaves and printing tickets.

Pictured right: the Cavs' ticket batch for the actual 2009-10 NBA Finals — four games lettered N through Q. (Miss Cleo says, "Cavs sweep Lakers," I guess. So much for playing out this season.)

In case you haven't figured it out, those brave Finals tickets were included in the Cavs' regular season ticket package. And while that might sound terribly cocky to some (Dwight, Garnett, Travis Diener(notes)), Waiting For Next Year has a less jinx-worthy explanation, as well as an idea what to do with 'em:

"... printing the whole batch of tickets now would likely be less expensive than printing, binding and mailing one set now and then doing the same thing come March or April.

However, given what has occurred over the past 40 years, I would not fault any Cleveland fan if they felt any sort of superstitious jinx-like event by merely looking at the tickets. If we are going to embrace this season, however, I say fans (and even the team themselves) should rip that page out right now and hang it up. Give us all a constant reminder of what this season is all about."

Saving on printing and mailing costs makes sense — we are still in a recession, right? — but I'm still worried. According to a second Cavs season ticket holder, the Cavs have included the maximum number of potential playoff tickets in the season ticket booklet for at least the past three seasons.

The number of NBA championships won by the Cavs in the last three years?


This is a horrible idea.

Q: Does anyone know of any other teams that include Finals tickets in their season ticket booklet? 

UPDATE: Randball says, "Don't get too excited ... Wolves did that last year." The Wolves! The nerve!

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Ball Don't Lie

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