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Herschel Walker made headlines around the internet earlier in the week when Strikeforce announced that it signed sign the 47-year-old to a mixed martial arts contract. Most of the reaction was positive but not from UFC president Dana White. White is livid with Showtime, the television provider for Strikeforce. He exploded on Spike TV's Ultimate Fight 10 wrap-up show:

"These guys are the worst. Now they're going to put in a 50-year-old Herschel Walker, who's never fought a day in his life. It's disgusting. Who are the [expletive] are they going to find to fight Herschel Walker, a guy in a wheelchair?"

White questioned what athletic commission would actually allow a 47-year-old to fight a professional MMA fighter? Then he really flipped out when Spike TV host Mike Chiappetta mentioned Walker and 46-year-old MMA legend, Randy Couture, in the same breath:

"I'm sorry, something must've just happened to my phone. Did you just compare [expletive] Randy Couture to Herschel Walker? The guy has never fought a day in his life. You want to start picking up a sport at 47, it shouldn't be mixed martial arts."

Listen below as White rips his competition:

Walker told FoxSportsRadio that he hopes to make his debut in November or December. Listen here for the entire Spike show with Dana White

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