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What you need to know from this week on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

Two fights in one show tonight, which is nothing but good news. More fighting means less time for silly pranks. Who wins the fights? Who is the most hated man int the UFC? Why is Jason "Mayhem" Miller making that face? Read on for spoilers and an episode recap.

The show starts out a reminder of how the last episode ended. Akira Corassani won, even though it seems like tapped in the first round, and Michael Bisping worried about the speck of wood in Jason Miller's eye before removing the plank from his own. Bisping  continued to trash talk about his team's one victory, which helped Miller's assistant coach Ryan Parsons see the light.

"You're the most hated man in the UFC. I didn't get it before. I get it now," Parsons said.

Miller bragged that he had more money than Parsons. Bisping is a class act, as always.

Also a class act? Gator, Mayhem's dog who finally made an appearance in this episode. Adorable puppies make everything better.

Steven Siler (Team Miller) vs. Diego Brandao (Team Bisping) -- featherweight

Round 1: Brandao started with a flying knee that landed nowhere near Siler. Not long after that, he landed a huge right hook that sent Siler to the ground. Brandao followed up with some punches on the ground, but they weren't needed. The fight was over.

Again, Bisping started with the trash talk. Miller responded, "Could you be any more of a douchebag?" Bisping just blathered on after that, saying not a whole lot of note. Miller congratulated Brandao, who wants to win so that he could support his parents.

Bisping continued to trash talk all the way into the locker room, infuriating Miller's coaches. Miller calmed them down, but was befuddled by where Bisping gets his confidence. I don't get it, either.

While Bisping tries to plot out the next fight, Team Mayhem's Roland Delorme showed his badly swollen foot to his coaches. Miller and Parsons are worried that it's a skin infection, and they send him to the doctor.

At the fight announcements, Bisping runs through a long list of rules to keep fighters from "looking like [expletives.]" What he fails to mention is that his fighters are guilty of violating most of the rules. He calls out John Dodson (Team Mayhem*) vs. John Albert (Team Bisping), meaning that T.J. Dillashaw will face Delorme in the final bout.

*Considering Dodson's Benedict Arnoldian ways earlier in the season, he is deserving of an asterisk. His team still doesn't talk to him much, but he says he does not have any regrets because, "If you ain't cheatin' you ain't tryin."

Dodson (Mayhem*) vs. Albert (Bisping ) -- bantamweights

Round 1: Dodson is the exact ball of energy that Miller described him as. He starts out by peppering Albert with kicks, but eventually clips him with a punch and a knee. Albert responds with a takedown, but Dodson works his way out from the bottom. He gets top position, then the fight gets back to stand-up. Albert tries to finish the round with a takedown, but Dodson shakes him off, and gets top position to land a bevy of strikes.

Round 2: This round was much slower, and featured more jawing between Bisping and Miller early on then actual striking. Albert landed intermittent kicks, and Dodson got off a punch occasionally. He backed Albert up with every punch. Again, Albert tried to get a takedown by jumping on Dodson's back, but Dodson landed on top and had better position. Dodson ended the round with a takedown.

Via the judges decision, Dodson won and moved to the next round. He admitted that it was a conservative game plan.

Bisping ends the episode by peeking into Team Miller's ready room, and did even more smack talk. It's not getting old or anything. He ended it by saying, "Go back to 'Bully Beatdown."

"I know one bully," Miller responded.

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