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No fighter likes to get slugged in the face, but it's part of the job. From MMA to boxing, the best fighters in the world can absorb shots and return fire without hesitation. Just seven fights into his MMA career, Brock Lesnar isn't there yet. In fact, after watching him turn and run from Cain Velasquez, he's really at square one.

Urijah Faber knows the feeling. The former featherweight king also comes from an NCAA wrestling background and said that five years ago he was in the same place as Lesnar.  

"We've all been there, where Lesnar is at," Faber said (6:00 mark). "Dude, getting hit is not the coolest thing to have done to you, but it's not that big of a deal. It takes a ton of sparring and some great defense and a knowledge of what it's like to get hit, to be able to get used to it."

Faber's career skyrocketed when he began working with Master Thong, a veteran of muay thai. The top level muay thai fighters have a calm demeanor and the uncanny ability to eat big shots so they can fire back. Lesnar has to bring in striking experts and allow himself to get blasted. 

"I think he's going to be a great fighter as long as he decides to do that," Faber told ProMMARadio. "He needs to get in there and accept 'hey I'm going to get hit and there are guys who are better at punching than I am. But he just needs to put in the time like everyone else."

Faber's had a change of heart about Lesnar. After UFC 100, Faber was actually one of his detractors inside the sport.  

"I just kinda didn't like the fact that he had so many eyes on him, and had so much influence in the sport when he came off so bad for the sport after his fight with Mir. But I think he's grown a lot."

Faber's Team Alpha Male in Sacramento is filled with little guys but he'd be interested in working with the former heavyweight king on his issues.

"Man, I'd be willing to help him out, if he was really into learning," Faber said. "I think some simple things that would help him out a lot. He shouldn't be losing to guys that are 40 pounds lighter than him."

Lesnar may face Mir for a third time in 2011. UFC president Dana White confirmed that the match is being discussed but was also getting some negative feedback from fans on Twitter. Lesnar's rumored fight against Roy Nelson hit a snag because "Big Country" is dealing with contractual issues.

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