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UFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger wants a piece of Jake Shields, and he's using his mouth to try to make it happen. Never mind that Shields has already cemented his title shot with a win over Martin Kampmann, and that Ellenberger is in line behind Jon Fitch and Carlos Condit, a fighter who has beaten Ellenberger. He wants Shields, and he is using the power of Twitter to try to sway the powers-that-be in the UFC.

Ellenberger -- who has recent TKO wins over John Howard and Mike Pyle -- has called out Shields several times on Twitter in the last few days, questioning Shields' title shot immediately after the fight, then going on to say:

Ellenberger isn't the first fighter to use a strategy of asking for fights to move up for a bout. Dan Hardy, "King Mo" Lawal and Ben Saunders have all gotten a shot at top fights by simply asking for them. Ellenberger would have to clear a lot of hurdles to get a shot at Shields before Shields fights either Georges St. Pierre or Josh Koscheck for the UFC welterweight title, but stranger things have happened in MMA.

UPDATE: Cagewriter spoke with Ellenberger via text, and he said that both Jake Shields and the UFC have not responded to his tweets. "But it's only a matter of time. Fake Shields is a fraud. Excuse me, Miss Piggy is a fraud," Ellenberger said. Why Miss Piggy?

"When he fights, he reminds me of Miss Piggy, with hs softness and feminine charm."

Ellenberger's beef with Shields comes from before both fighters were with the UFC. He says that he had a signed contract to fight Shields, but Shields' father (and manager) pulled him out of the bout because it was a bad match-up. Ellenberger admits that Condit and Fitch also have a claim on a bout with Shields, but, "I hate him more."

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