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The new Strikeforce has been an interesting story to follow from a roster standpoint. The two biggest names thought to be acquired with the purchase of EliteXC were Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano. Two Strikeforce cards are now tentatively set but Kimbo and Carano are glaring omissions from the fight list.

Kimbo sounds like he's losing his passion for MMA. Carano is a different story. She had a lousy contract with EliteXC and her team has been diligently negotiating with multiple fight companies to make sure that she's not locked into a bad situation again. She tells Cage Writer that she's already had a sitdown with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta and that the UFC and pay-per-view were actually mentioned as options.  

Watch Carano talk about her 2009 plans to return to the cage (1:02):

Watch part one of the Carano conversation. She talks about her dating life and escaping the pressures of being a superstar.

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