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Welcome to 'Duk's Dozen, a streamlined selection of 12 morning-fresh links and items to start your baseball day. It welcomes your submissions here or via Twitter.  

1. Talk about your great investigative PED reporting: Our own Jeff Passan reveals that White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy(notes) keeps a honey bear and packets of green chai tea in his locker. Yahoo! Sports

2. Alex Rodriguez(notes) won't say if he's taking a Friday trip to Buffalo to talk with the feds. Or even if he's just going up there for some wings. NYDN 

3. I think Bill Simmons was the first to stake a contrarian view of the Joe Mauer(notes) deal, but Ron Cook may have been the first to express his skepticism in print. Post-Gazette 

4. "If (Milton) Bradley can carry the middle of the order for this team and lead it to the postseason, he'll own Seattle the way Scarface ruled Miami." Yeah, anyone else think Geoff Baker has had enough spring training for this year? Seattle Times

5. Dan Lamothe shushes all the Red Sox fans who are bellyaching about opening day being held on a Sunday night. I understand some of the complaining considering that it's also Easter, but it sure beats opening the season two weeks earlier in Japan. Red Sox Monster

6. I enjoyed this Jason Weitzel on the frustration he sometimes feels when it comes to being lost in the swirl of constant noise that is the Internet. Beerleaguer

7. A pancake house in San Diego thought it'd hand out some magnetic Padres schedules. Unfortunately, this is the best of the three designs. Go check out the other two. Gaslamp Ball

8. How bad of a team must the Nationals be fielding if starting Willie Harris(notes) in right field doesn't rank as their biggest problem area? Fire Jim Bowden 

9. The Nats have fired up their broken-down reliever conveyor belt, bringing in Mike McDougal on a minor league contract after he was released by Florida. Hardball Talk

10. Hoo boy, one of the best high school prospects in America threw a no-hitter with 19 strikeouts down in Texas the other day. Baseball America

11. Should a report that Matt Kemp(notes) is moving in with Rihanna help or hurt his fantasy value? Why isn't there a metric for things like this? Sports By Brooks

12. Please, oh please, let this post have been written tongue in cheek. Diary of a Diehard


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