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From the files of leads I never thought I'd write ... 

According to a recent study, only 65 percent of male Atlanta Braves fans washed their hands after using the restroom during a game at Turner Field.

That filthy factoid comes courtesy of something called "The American Cleaning Institute," which spied on 6,028 adults in bathrooms across four different cities and in six different venues. Their peeping toms "researchers" found that 87 percent of people washed their hands in public restrooms, a total that's up from just 77 percent in 2007.     

But while female Braves fans fulfilled my preconceived notion as precious Southern belles by lathering their hands at a 98 percent clip, 35 percent of their men skipped the soap.

Perhaps they were worried they'd miss the next Jason Heyward(notes) at-bat or turn by Tommy Hanson(notes)?

A few more observations on this "study":

• The next time you think you hate your job, remember that you could be hanging out in bathrooms for a living, waiting to see if people will wash their hands before leaving. What's worse, your time would not even be rewarded by people begrudgingly giving you a dollar because you handed them a towel and gave them a breath mint and a spritz of Old Spice. No, your only real fulfillment would be providing momentary material for baseball bloggers looking to fill space one random Tuesday afternoon.

• As an adult, I always choose to wash my hands out of concern for personal cleanliness. But the fear and suspicion my mother instilled in my youthful self that somebody would call me out after bypassing a hand washing? Turns out she had a point!

• Turner Field was the only ballpark studied and the two venues visited in Chicago were the Shedd Aquarium and the Museum of Science and Industry. Had they gone to The Cell, they might have found something much more frightening than dudes not washing their hands. (Wrigley Field, too.

• In an effort to clean up Turner Field and restore its reputation, perhaps the Braves should explore alternate methods of enforcement. I personally like this method below.

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