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CARDIFF, Wales -- The Millennium Stadium is a cavernous venue and it appears there are at least 40,000 fans in the building, if not more. Crowd was signing to a Tom Jones song and is now singing a rugby anthem.

Kessler is resoundingly booed as he walks to the ring. Crowd on its feet and roaring for Calzaghe as he makes his way to the ring with a smile on his face.

ROUND 1: They open by flicking jabs. Calzaghe bulls Kessler into a corner. Next to nothing happening in the opening minute. Calzaghe lands a hook on the arms. Short right hand inside by Kessler. Another right by Kessler. Left to the head from Calzaghe. Calzaghe lands a body shot and Kessler misses badly with a right. Not a very fast-paced round. Kessler's round, 10-9.

ROUND 2: Calzaghe lands a left to open the round. Kessler appears to be much physically bigger than Calzaghe. Calzaghe warned by referee Michael Ortega for hitting behind the head on a break. Straight left by Calzaghe lands. Kessler lands a hard right that knocks Calzaghe back into the ropes after he had dropped his hands and showboated. Calzaghe connects with a double jab. Right-left combination by Kessler lands at the bell.
Kessler's round, 10-9 (20-18 overall).

ROUND 3: Kessler goes down, but it's ruled a slip. Calzaghe tries to rough Kessler up on the ropes. Kessler lands a decent counter right. Kessler is leading with the right and it's connecting. Crowd is very loud and is singing as Calzaghe is having his best stretch of the fight. Double jab by Calzaghe. Kessler's hands are high and his defense is good. Calzaghe has his hands at his side.
Calzaghe's round, 10-9 (29-28 Kessler).

ROUND 4: Calzaghe popping his jab repeatedly early in the round. Kessler lands a right and then a combination as Calzaghe was shoe-shining him. Hard right uppercut by Calzaghe backs him. Calzaghe again warned for hitting on the break. Left-right by Kessler. Calzaghe lands a straight left in return. Kessler cracks Calzaghe with a right uppercut that snaps his head back. Right by Calzaghe lands. Calzaghe landed a short right hook over the top. Kessler's round, 10-9 (39-37 Kessler).

ROUND 5: Kessler popping a jab. Left hook by Kessler and another hard right uppercut. Calzaghe must make an adjustment or the fight will end early. Calzaghe pops a jab but isn't doing much offensively now. Kessler appears in command at this point. Hard right by Kessler lands to the jaw. Calzaghe is on his toes, but again isn't doing anything. Kessler connects with a right and then forces Calzaghe back at the bell. Kessler's round, 10-9 (49-46 Kessler).

ROUND 6: Crowd urging Calzaghe on but he's not able to connect with much. Calzaghe lands a straight right. A 1-2 by Calzaghe connects and then he comes back with a left. Kessler is flicking his jab but is not as active as in the last two rounds. Left hand to the head lands by Calzaghe. This is his best round, clearly. He's not landing anything particularly hard, but at least he's landing. Kessler lands a short right. Calzaghe doubles the jab. Calzaghe's round, 10-9 (58-56 Kessler).

ROUND 7: Calzaghe lands a few jabs and then a good left. Kessler tries the uppercut again but this time Calzaghe blocks it. Calzaghe lands a left cross. Calzaghe lands a straight left and then a short right inside as the crowd roars. Kessler is flicking his jab, but isn't landing much else now. Straight right by Kessler wobbles Calzaghe and then he follows it with another right. Good right by Kessler. Hard right inside by Kessler. Calzaghe has a bruise on his forehead between the eyes. Kessler's round, 10-9 (68-65 Kessler)

ROUND 8: They're exchanging jabs. Left hook by Kessler lands. Right-left to the chin by Kessler. Straight right by Kessler only punch that lands in a flurry. Calzaghe gets in a left. Kessler backs to the ropes. Calzaghe hooks to the body. Left-right to the head by Calzaghe wobbles Kessler. Ortega warns Calzaghe again about hitting to the back of the head. Short chopping right by Kessler at the bell. Calzaghe's round, 10-9 (77-75 Kessler).

ROUND 9: Hard right by Kessler to open the round. Calzaghe flurrying with not much effect as crowd begins to chant his name. Kessler's left eye appears to be swelling. Calzaghe throws a combination to the body, though again it's not hard. Kessler is again slowing down and not throwing as much. Calzaghe has his hands at his side and seems confident. Calzaghe's round, 10-9 (86-85 Kessler).

ROUND 10: They trade along the ropes as the crowd roars. Kessler, who had been in control, needs to begin punching more. Left hand by Calzaghe lands. Hard right by Kessler lands and seems to stun Calzaghe. Calzaghe lands a combination. Calzaghe is flicking his jab.  Calzaghe's round, 10-9 (95-95).

ROUND 11: Calzaghe is circling. Kessler isn't throwing nearly enough. He appears to be winded. Calzaghe lands a 1-2 and is now controlling the fight. Kessler is having difficulty getting off. It's very strange, given how he was fighting in the middle rounds. Chopping right from Calzaghe lands. Kessler flicks a right. Blood is dripping from Kessler's nose. Right hand by Kessler lands. Kessler connects with a jab and Calzaghe flurries back.
Calzaghe's round, 10-9 (105-104 Calzaghe).

ROUND 12: Crowd roaring as the round begins. Kessler trainer Richard Olsen told Kessler in the corner between rounds, "You're not doing what we told you to do." Calzaghe triples his jab and backs Kessler. He's on his toes. Calzaghe lands a hook. Kessler cracks him with a left, but the uppercut is no longer there. Calzaghe popping with his jab. He's in command of the fight. It's his fight to win at this point. Right to the body by Calzaghe. Kessler's left eye is really closing. They bang heads. Short combination inside by Kessler, but it has no impact. They're grappling in the center of the right. Kessler's intensity has picked up in the last 30 seconds. Right hook by Calzaghe lands.
Calzaghe's round, 10-9 Yahoo! Sports has Calzaghe, 115-113

Raul Caiz Sr. 117-111 Calzaghe
John Stewart 116-112 Calzaghe
Massimo Barravecchio 116-112 Calzaghe

Calzaghe wins by unanimous decision

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