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Time to mock the Shutdown Corner's NFL mock draft; seriously, stop laughing

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Johnny Manziel

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Johnny Manziel

The Shutdown Corner crew did their best to put together a mock draft to impress readers with our ability to prognosticate.

You can stop laughing now. Seriously, we have feelings.

Eric Edhom, Frank Schwab and yours truly published our predictions prior to the draft, and we were pretty bad. Edholm was the king of losers, correctly putting together seven correct picks (six correct slots). I somehow had four accurate predictions (three correct slots), while Schwab was our Mr. Irrelevant with three correct picks (two correct slots). This might explain why most casinos are happy to see us.

In our slight defense, the moment Buffalo traded up to select Sammy Watkins, all of our mock drafts were ready for the bird cage. Edholm and Schwab correctly predicted Tampa Bay would select receiver Mike Evans at No. 7, but it was all downhill from there. We compiled five correct picks after Evans was selected, and yes, we are counting predicting a team would take a player even if that squad traded up or down (do not judge us for grading on a curve).

Shutdown Corner, please explain what happened …

Eric, you nailed seven correct picks. Is it time to take a bow?

That's a .219 batting average in baseball. That makes me the Prince Fielder of draft prognosticators.

Frank, only three correct picks? Maybe you should let your dog pick next year?

Dog probably would have picked at least five or six right. Dog probably would have picked a receiver for the Cleveland Browns, too. This was one of the most unpredictable drafts in a long time, and I proved that.

Anwar, you nailed Kelvin Benjamin to Carolina at No. 28. Did that help you sleep peacefully?

Beating Frank is sort of like being the second runner-up an Urkel look-alike contest – is there really anything to brag about? I definitely thought Carolina needed a receiver, and Benjamin made the most sense. Of course, the rest of my picks made little sense.

Eric, what made you think the Chargers would take TCU cornerback Jason Verrett?

Their cornerbacks (without him) were Division-III bad. And they like scrappers like Verrett. He's like a little hornet out there.

Frank, did Buffalo's move up to draft Sammy Watkins throw off the entire draft?

That and Blake Bortles going No. 3. That legitimately surprised me. Was also thrown off by my stubbornness about Johnny Manziel to the Rams at No. 2, which I knew wasn't going to happen, but I thought they should do it. And my stubbornness about Teddy Bridgewater not falling out of the top 10. Oh, and thinking the negative stuff about Timmy Jernigan was a smokescreen and he'd still end up being a mid-first round pick. Turns out that some of these smokescreens actually have fire associated with them.

Anwar, you said Manziel would be the first quarterback off the board. Explain yourself.

Each year at least one player slides in the draft. I really was not convinced Jacksonville would take a risk and draft Blake Bortles. Cleveland did eventually select Manziel, just a little later than I predicted. Regardless, I think Manziel will prove he is the best quarterback from this draft class.

Eric, Marcus Martin was the last player in the green room. First round, huh?

You watch: This cat will start as a rookie for the 49ers! But yeah, if the Saints passed on him — which they did by virtue of trading up from No. 27 — the chances of him being one of the first 32 picks were probably pretty slim beforehand. I'll take the hit, bro. Now, where were you guys on J'Wuan James? Hmm ...

Frank, the Vikings sneaked back into the draft to get Bridgewater. Good move?

Love it (of course, after that mock draft, I might not be the guy to ask). I also love the follow up reports "Sources say Bridgewater might beat out Christian Ponder this year!" My goodness, I would hope so. I don't know why the Houston Texans didn't make that move. Would feel much better about them with Teddy as their quarterback of the future rather than Tom Savage.

Anwar, better luck next year?

If I can convince every general manager not to make any first round trades, there is a good chance I might nail 10 selections. You never know. Maybe I can double my score in 2015? Nah.

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Anwar S Richardson is a writer for Shutdown Corner on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at or follow him on Twitter!

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