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The Shutdown Corner Podcast 18: The Super Bowl Virgins Club

Jay Busbee
Shutdown Corner

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Sad Bengal. (Getty Images)

About a third of the NFL still hasn't won a Super Bowl. In that ignominious list are such historic names as the Seahawks, the Eagles and the Vikings. The Bengals are a member of that crew as well, and their odds of getting off that list took a hit Thursday night in their loss to the Dolphins. In today's podcast, we discuss which teams might possibly have a chance to get off that list (hint: only one) and which have seen the window shut, sealed, and walled over.

We also run a spread offense of topics this time around, including:

• Halloween candy protocol, including whether to steal from your kids (yes) and which candies are the worst (anything with coconut)

• Horse racing and dog racing, and whether it's possible to watch either sober

• Why a NASCAR race is different from an NFL game (hint: they don't let you walk to within five feet of the field in the NFL. You also might not get a toe bitten off.)

• The NFL TV experience, and whether it's more fun to watch a game live or on TV.

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