Rex Ryan jokingly ducks for cover when there’s a loud noise during his press conference

Kristian Dyer
December 5, 2013

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – The media has taken plenty of shots at New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan over the years but for a moment, it seemed literally like someone was taking a shot at him during a press conference.

Towards the end of Ryan's time at the podium, during which he defended quarterback Geno Smith and cornerback Dee Milliner, both high-profile rookies, Ryan began to answer a question about his team starting five players from this past April's NFL Draft. He started by saying that “I understand that we lost a lot of players or whatever,” but he couldn't finish as a hanging speaker used to amplify the microphone in the press conference room suddenly began to crackle. The loud noise sounded like machine gun fire for a brief moment.

Ryan jokingly then ducked for cover and several members of the media in the front row also ducked down, uncertain what the sharp noise was or what exactly was happening.

From a ducked position, Ryan grinned then spoke about the machine-gun noises.

“We're on a three-game losing streak, so I understand,” Ryan said with a laugh.

Ryan then finished the quote with a full and lengthy answer. He left the podium smiling and shaking his head as he looked at the speaker which continued to give off crackle as the media left the room.

If only the Jets offense packed such a punch. Their rookie quarterback Smith, taken in the second round, hasn't thrown a touchdown pass since Oct. 20.

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Kristian R. Dyer covers the Jets for Metro New York and also contributes to Yahoo Sports. He can be followed for news and random tweetingson Twitter @KristianRDyer