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Jonathan Stewart has some expensive surgery

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Oregon running back and likely first-round pick Jonathan Stewart had an ouchie on his big toe, and there had been questions about just how significant an ouchie it was.

It seems like now those questions have been answered today, and not in any kind of way that's good for Jonathan Stewart. It was a very big ouchie. The kind of ouchie that requires surgery. Doctors cut up his toe, and the surgery's going to sideline him for four-to-six months.

Now, Stewart could still be ready for Week 1 action. The effect it has on his career as a whole should be minimal. But this is the NFL draft we're talking about, where every detail is pored over like the Zapruder film, and something like toe surgery could send a running back plummeting down draft boards. It's a shame, but it could happen.

Bad news for Stewart, but maybe good news for teams looking for a steal at the back end of the first round. I think Stewart's slightly underrated when compared to, say, Darren McFadden. He's not as fast (still pretty fast, though), but he's stronger (the guy is built like a brick outhouse), he drives better with his legs, and I trust him to pick up the tough yards more than I would McFadden.

Good luck with your little piggies, Mr. Stewart.

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