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Ex-Lion: Linemen were like 'chickens with their heads cut off'

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After spending last season as a sad and confused Detroit Lion, tackle Jonathan Scott(notes) signed this offseason as a free agent with the Buffalo Bills. In an interview with, Scott reflected on what it was like to be a lineman with the 2008 Detroit Lions.

In Detroit, the life of a lineman was maddening. Scott said the communication breakdowns between the offensive coordinator and his offensive line coach ran rampant. One told him to step left on a play, the other said to step right.

“So which one do I do?” Scott said. “If I don’t it [sic] the offensive line way, I won’t be able to play. If I don’t do it the offensive coordinator’s way then I’ll never get on the field. There were always situations like that.”

Chaotic fragmentation. The shoddy separation of powers triggered on-field breakdowns. Scott said the linemen became “chickens with their heads cut off.” Who was supposed to block where was a play-to-play mystery.

Well that sounds like a pleasant work environment. Many of you with nine-to-five office jobs can probably relate. Different bosses on different pages, everyone so damn certain that they're right. I hope that when Scott left, he was able to steal a printer from Lions headquarters, take it out to the middle of a field, and beat it with a baseball bat.

Gracias, Highlight Reel.

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