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Drew Brees is a surprisingly good cab driver

Shutdown Corner

Hey, how about an awesome surprise for you, person traveling by taxicab in New York City? Your cab driver today is none other than NFL superstar and future Hall of Famer, Drew Brees!

The bad news? He only wants to talk about concussions. Yeah, I know. Kind of a bummer.

Dick's Sporting Goods put Brees in a cab recently, to give a surprise ride to a few unsuspecting New Yorkers, and to help educate people about concussions and how Dick's Sporting Goods is helping to educate people about them.

It's too bad no one could get in a question about his contract or about the Saints and their ongoing bounty situation. That might make for a fun cab ride. As it is, though, I think I'd prefer the Cash Cab.

But still, good for Brees and Dick's for doing their part for concussion awareness. Consider yourselves educated.

Gracias, Deadspin.

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