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Darren Woodson: Bills lost Super Bowls due to excessive partying

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From 1991 to 1994, the Buffalo Bills made it to four straight Super Bowls, and of course, lost every single one of them. According to Darren Woodson, a safety on the Dallas team that snatched two of those Lombardi trophies away from Buffalo, there was a reason the Bills kept getting spanked.

Woodson was on the Mike and Mike in the Morning show, and shared this insight about the Bills Super Bowl woes (via Sports by Brooks):

“As much as everyone talked about how much experience the Bills had back then, they partied harder than any other team. That’s all we heard about the entire week in L.A., the (Cowboys) first Super Bowl.

“They (Bills players) were out Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Couple guys got into altercations in the clubs, older, veteran guys with the Bills.

“Experience doesn’t mean that much, it’s all about leadership. There’s a reason they (Bills) lost four Super Bowls. They partied harder than any other team.”

Three thoughts immediately come to mind.

1) I like to imagine that Marv Levy was the ringleader in all of this, hosting all-night orgies and making fun of rookie defensive backs who wanted to go to bed at 3:30 a.m. It probably didn't go down that way, but the thought amuses me;

2) If a member of the early '90s Dallas Cowboys thinks you were partying too much, you must have had a serious problem, and;

3) It is a bit difficult to believe, isn't it? If, for the first three Super Bowls, you went and partied like Frank the Tank and you ended up losing three straight times, wouldn't you maybe rethink that approach for the fourth one?

Who knows? Darren Woodson was there; I wasn't. I'm sure Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas would give a different recollection of events, but it's one explanation. But at least the Bills aren't in a position to be repeating this mistake again anytime soon.

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