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  • 'Beast Mode Sausage' is, yes, sausage with Skittles in it

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner1 day ago

    Well, this is horrifying: a butcher in Seattle is selling sausage stuffed with Skittles in honor of Seattle Seahawks running back and noted Skittles aficionado Marshawn Lynch. It makes absolutely no sense, but then that's about par for the course with anything involving Lynch.

    The creation of Blue Max Meats owners Tommy Marshall and Evan Greco, Beast Mode Sausage has brought people to the store in Puyallup, Washington every day for the past year. The owners estimate they've gone through 1,000 pounds of Skittles.

    They claim that the sweet Skittles mixes well with the spicy sausage upon cooking, but we're not entirely sure that's anything more than marketing-speak. Regardless, it's done the job, bringing notoriety to the Blue Max name and drawing big attention now that Seattle's back in the Super Bowl.

    Lynch himself hasn't yet sampled the sausage, apparently. But even if he did, we wouldn't count on him to spend a lot of time pontificating on its flavor.

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  • NFL makes statement about deflate-gate investigation

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner1 day ago

    The NFL has been strangely quiet this week, as a major controversy swirls.

    Aside from spokesmen confirming that an investigation was going on, there hadn't been much word from the NFL about deflate-gate this week, which really isn't the transparent NFL that commissioner Roger Goodell promised us. Reports have trickled out about how many footballs the New England Patriots used were under-inflated in the first half of the AFC championship game and what steps the officials took during the game, but the league has been quiet.

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  • Amy Purdy's drive, Muhammad Ali's quotes spur new Toyota Super Bowl ad

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner1 day ago

    The Super Bowl ad march has begun. Catch 'em now so they won't surprise you during the Big Game.

    Ad: "How Great I Am," Toyota

    Concept: Amy Purdy, "Dancing with the Stars" star and Paralympian snowboarder, goes through the rigor of her day-to-day life — dancing, snowboarding, mountain biking, generally kicking butt — with the help of her trusty Toyota Camry.

    Execution: Anything with Muhammad Ali quotes is instantly 20 percent cooler. That's a fact. And the "handcuffed lightning" routine, a sequence he unfurled before the 1974 "Rumble in the Jungle" against George Foreman, is one of his finest. Pair that with a strenuous/glamorous training montage straight out of an '80s movie, and you've got yourself a working, virtually critic-proof combination.

    Verdict: Solid. You watch Purdy at work, you hear those lines, you feel that pounding beat ... well, you might not be inspired to buy a Camry, but you'll definitely be inspired to do something .

    ____ Jay Busbee is a writer for Yahoo Sports. Contact him at or find him on Twitter.

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