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Topps produces full-size posters of baseball cards

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An idea that seems decades overdue, Topps has begun selling the images of old baseball cards as poster-sized artwork. They have 1,035 remastered images in stock so far, in two sizes, framed or unframed, starting at $64.99. Just try and stick one in your bicycle spokes.

But wow: It's a way for adults deemed "too old" for Fatheads (*glares at wife*) to get one of their childhood idols. It's kind of that concept, crossed with Sports Illustrated selling framed old covers. It ought to sell. "See? It's ART, honey!"

Via PR Newswire:

Each print starts out by locating the actual physical card from the Topps' archives and then painstakingly re-mastering the artwork with a team of designers. Every aspect of the print is designed to preserve the look and feel of the original card, from the printing pattern to the slightly worn edges.

I remember not being a big fan of the '86 Topps set when it was printed (and I wasn't the only one) but something about it now, in gigantic form, is appealing. Maybe it's just nostalgia. Also, it would be interesting to see how the '87 Topps set looks in a rec room with wood paneling.

Note the mock-up in the collection above that features New York Mets from the 1980s — the '85 Mookie Wilson, '86 Keith Hernandez and '87 Gary Carter. Pretty sweet, though putting Hernandez next to furniture is kind of ironic, given that Seinfeld episode about asking people to help you move:

More cards are coming, because players from only 20 teams were available as of Tuesday. No Frank Thomas or Harold Baines from the White Sox? No Rickey Henderson from the Oakland Athletics? You could buy Gary Carter and Andre Dawson from the Montreal Expos, though, which is a heck of a good start. There is a form to request images, so Topps (presumably) will email you when your guy is in stock.

Too bad Fleer got frozen out of the businesses, because there's a certain (NSFW) Billy Ripken card...

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