The Blue Jays bullpen threw away a win in spectacular fashion

Mike Oz
April 18, 2014

It was like something out of a Little League game: The Toronto Blue Jays blew a 5-3 eighth-inning lead against the Minnesota Twins on Thursday after giving up — are you ready for this? — six runs on eight walks, three wild pitches and a single hit.

One hit, six runs. That math shouldn't even compute. That's how epic of a bullpen catastrophe this was for Toronto. Three Blue Jays pitchers were part of the eight-inning abomination, including Sergio Santos, who let three consecutive runs score on wild pitches.

This is how the inning went down in the scorebook: walk, walk, sac bunt, walk, wild pitch (first run scores), walk and wild pitch (second run scores), walk and wild pitch (third run scores), walk, walk (fourth run scores), single (fifth and sixth runs score), walk, strike out, ground out.

Sheesh. You almost have to give the Blue Jays props for that. It's so bad it's spectacular.

After the game, Chris Colabello of the Twins, who was walk No. 7 of the inning, joked to reporters

''Man, we've been doing it all wrong for a while. We've been trying to hit the ball to score runs. We don't need to do that."

This was the second game of a day-night doubleheader, and the Twins had blanked the Blue Jays in the first game 7-0. Even getting shutout had to feel better than fumbling away a win (the final score in the walkathon was 9-5) like the Jays did.

''It was a crappy ending to a crappy day, I'll tell you that,'' Blue Jays manager John Gibbons said.

The Blue Jays now head to Cleveland for a weekend series and, bad news, the Indians have the third most walks in baseball this season. You can bet they'll be patient after this ugly display. And if you're wondering which team in MLB has drawn the most walks, why it's the Twins, of course. 

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