Pedro Martinez would be the best choice for Phillies in Game 2

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Charlie Manuel named his starting pitcher for Game 1 of the World Series.

Not surprisingly, Manuel is calling on Cliff Lee(notes).

The Phillies starter for Game 2, however, remains a mystery. Manuel has yet to commit, which indicates to writer Todd Zolecki that he's leaning toward Pedro Martinez(notes).

Keep leaning that way, Uncle Cholly, keep leanin'.

Not only does Martinez gives the Phillies their best chance to beat the Yankees, having him pitch in the Bronx is awesome theater. Other than the Series ending in a seventh game, it ratchets up the spectacle of Yankees-Phillies like no other possibility.

It's not like we're all waiting to see how Miguel Cairo(notes) will be received during player introductions at Yankee Stadium.

Pedro in the Bronx Zoo is a spectacle by himself.

Despite what happened in the 2004 ALCS against the Red Sox, Yankees fans might be under the impression that their team is still Pedro's daddy (with respect to Pablo Martinez, who died last year). At a time when the Empire's confidence is at its highest point in a decade, Martinez can take his relationship with the Yankees (paternal or otherwise) to a new place.

Please, oh please, Charlie Manuel. Make this happen.

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A couple of weeks ago, Cole Hamels(notes) would have seemed a natural choice to start Game 2, or even the opener. Hamels' uneven performance in the regular season, plus his increased struggles in the playoffs, gives Manuel a lot of doubt.

Manuel might also be thinking about using J.A. Happ(notes) because he's a lefty, which might help neutralize lefties in the New York lineup and the short porch at the New Stadium. What is it, 299 down the line?

Happ's first start of the season came at Yankee Stadium, in fact. He pitched well, too, though the Phillies lost the game (Brad Lidge(notes) — bad!) after he left.

Well, Yankee Stadium in May is one thing and Yankee Stadium in October is another. No reason to subject a youngster such as Happ to that.

Like Happ, Hamels also had a good start in the same interleague series in New York. Toss it. Hamels is scrambled right now. Trying to get Hamels right in Yankee Stadium? Pitching coach Rich Dubee is only a man.

Besides, waiting until Game 3 to use Hamels gives the Phillies two extra days to find the socks and sandals-wearing dad from the New Era commercial.

He's the only one who's ever understood Cole, anyway.