Fan reaches for foul ball, comically flips over railing, lands on his head (Video)

Mike Oz
July 6, 2014

Yes, that headline sounds like the fan in question might seriously be injured. But, don't worry, he's not. His ego, on the other hand, might be another story.

The scene unfolded Saturday during the Atlanta Braves' 10-4 rout of the Arizona Diamondbacks. A fan pursued a foul ball hit into the lower level of the stands. It bounced off him and he had to reach over a rail to retrieve it. Though, as you can see in the video above, he reached too far.

Gravity took his whole body over the rail and he landed on his head. You know it's bad when the players stop and watch. You know it's bad when the TV announcer says "watch your face."

Injuries to your person? Those hurt, but they get better. Becoming part of the game day blooper reel? He won't be able to live this down for a while.

Dude, sometimes you have to let those out-of-reach foul balls go.

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