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David DeJesus enjoys ice cream bar while Rays battle Yankees in 14th inning

Mark Townsend
Big League Stew

Back in Little League, just about everybody's favorite part of the game was the second it ended because that meant it was time for the postgame treat. Just don't make the mistake of thinking that ends in Little League, or that just because they're all grown up, major league players don't think the same way. They all look forward to their postgame treats too, although in their case it's usually a healthier snack or a full meal depending on the circumstances. 

If you surveyed all of them — both young and old — many would probably say that ice cream is a preferred choice, because what goes down better after a hard-fought game than an ice cream bar or an ice cream sandwich?

The answer is nothing, and on Friday night, nothing was going to stop Tampa Bay Rays outfielder David DeJesus from enjoying his ice cream bar. Not even the fact that his Rays were still engaging in a 14-inning battle with the New York Yankees — a game they would ultimately win 10-5 — or the fact that he was standing in the Rays dugout where all could see him. 

He's not exactly hiding his enjoyment either.

Of course, this is not something we see often in MLB dugouts. Generally it's strictly sunflower seeds, gum and chewing tobacco in that area, but DeJesus got away with it here. Perhaps that was because manager Joe Maddon had already been ejected after arguing a review, or perhaps it's because the baseball game was more than six hours old at that point and they simply didn't care anymore. 

Then again, DeJesus' night was already over at that point anyway. He appeared in the game briefly as a pinch-hitter in the 11th inning, striking out against Shawn Kelly. But the action was compelling enough that he didn't want to disappear into the clubhouse to enjoy his snack. He stayed out right among his teammates, and perhaps even indirectly motivated them to wrap the game up quicker. 

Rally ice cream indeed. The Rays went on to score five runs that inning and then closed it down in the bottom half to win their third straight game.

With that type of result, maybe it will be ice cream for everybody on Saturday. Knowing the Rays as well as we do, we wouldn't put it past them. Anytime they find something to bond over, that's exactly what they do. 

And if they have any leftover, maybe pass some over to Derek Jeter. For the first time in his career, he went 0 for 7 on Friday night. He could probably use the pick-me-up. 

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