D12: In case you haven't heard, Ozzie Guillen is on Twitter

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1. Everyone's all a-twitter about Ozzie Guillen joining Twitter on Tuesday night, but I'm not going to be truly psyched about the whole thing until Jay Mariotti gets a handle of his own. Still, with his upcoming reality show and Twitter's direct conduit from his mouth to his fans, I'm thinking that Guillen will approach levels of Ozzy Osborne-type stardom some time this season. @OzzieGuillen

UPDATE: Chicago Tribune reporter Mark Gonzales says that two of Ozzie's sons are actually handing their dad's tweets. Knowing that, I like that they're not cleaning up any of his grammar at all.

2. In more important news, MLB says it's ready to test minor league players for HGH use with a recently developed test. Getting union approval to test the big boys, though, will take at least a little longer. New York Times

3. Hey Zuzu! Every time a young pitcher reports to the Reds, a Dusty Baker-PAP article gets its wings! This one by Jeff Fletcher is pretty good, though. Fanhouse

4. Stephen Strasburg(notes) has already been nicknamed Jesus, so Pudge Rodriguez went with the next most logical tag for the presumed Nats ace: Nolan Ryan. Mister Irrelevant

5. Larry Granillo is getting graphic, putting together a nifty timeline involving team championships (World Series and pennants) and stadium locations/names. Wezen-Ball

6. Jason Bay(notes) finished his first spring training news conference by talking about curling in his native Canada and it's a good thing the Mets didn't hire him for his stone skills. Bay describes himself as "the least important guy on my high school curling team." Babes Love Baseball

7. Speaking of the Winter Olympics, I think the similarities between Cubs infielder Mike Fontenot(notes) and silver medal skater Evgeni Plushenko are pretty slight, apart from their thin blonde mullets. But that's still obviously enough for his Cubs teammates, who have posted a Plushenko picture above Fontenot's locker. @PWSullivan

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8. Joey Votto(notes) tells C. Trent that he's doing better these days. CNati

9. The list of things I have to apologize for is long, but when I finally get around to saying sorry for being interested in fantasy baseball, I'll follow Carson Cistulli's guide. FanGraphs

10. Congrats to our pal, Sooze, a Twins fan who just got the deserved chance to reach many more Twins fans. Star Tribune

11. It doesn't look good for the group that's trying to save Yankee Stadium Gate 2. NYDN

12. Toronto's reaction to J.P. Ricciardi joining ESPN was about what you would expect. DJF