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C-a-C: 'I'm trying to find Jesus, not a fake Johnny Damon'

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Since the Associated Press baseball photo feed is guaranteed to be barren for the next month or so, we thought it might be fun to hold off some theme weeks for our fabled C-a-C contests.

This week, it's: Baseball and Movie Stars.

Wow, you can definitely tell it's January by looking at the last three posts here. Three entries. Three movie stars. How long until pitchers and catchers report again?

Anyway, try to have some fun with this Fallonless picture from the filming of the awful Fever Pitch. Is it just me or does the Johnny Damon stand-in look a little like Roger Clemens?

You know the drill ... How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from Wednesday's unlikely C-a-C pairing:

1st — JerBear50.

"No longer able to tolerate her own voice, Fran Drescher's arm turns on her, going for the throat."
2nd — plalevt.
"This is how I was told to hold the tray after my career ended ... don't worry, the people at the Olive Garden will take you through it."
3rd — thestoots.
"Fran, rumor has it your career is buried under the center field hill."
HM — gaborik10m.

After retaining Roy Oswalt by promising him a tractor, owner Drayton McLane attempts, unsucessfully, to re-sign Jeff Bagwell.

HM — Erica.

Jeff Bagwell thinking to himself: "If I keep nodding, will she actually believe I saw the Beautician and the Beast"

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