Bat boy helps Paul Janish remove winged bat from Braves game

David Brown

Aside from the risk of exposing himself to rabies, Paul Janish of the Atlanta Braves had a great game in a 6-3 victory against the Phillies on Wednesday night.

• He went 1 for 3 with a sacrifice fly at the plate, collecting his first hit of the season (in 14 plate appearances) on a single in the third inning.

• His hit also snapped an 0-for-27 streak at Turner Field against the Phillies that dated to 2012.

• Oh, and he collected a winged bat, apparently injured or drunk on blood, that was flapping about on the infield during the top of the second. A real bat! Janish mostly used his fielding glove, but also appeared to touch the bat with his right hand in order to scoop it up. The scene prompted this reaction from's Mark Bowman:

Janish did not appear to get bitten before he passed the bat to — yes — a bat boy, who used a towel to collect it.

Bat boy, donna-nonna, nonna, nonna, nonna, bat boy.

Still, the Centers for Disease Control — conveniently located in Atlanta — has some instructions for Janish. You also might have noticed something else from the tail end of the video: Obviously unable to help himself, teammate Dan Uggla just had to get a peek at what was under the towel:

Boo! Gotcha! This bat appearance comes just a few days after TV cameras caught another bat hanging around (literally) Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. Bats appear to like baseball. Who knew?

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