What if Athletics and Giants share AT&T Park in 2014?

David Brown
Big League Stew

All right, now let's try it from the other dugout. That's where the Oakland Athletics might be standing in 2014 for 81 games if the scenario in a far-fetched post published Sunday in the San Francisco Chronicle comes to fruition:

Major League Baseball would help the Oakland A's move across the bay and play at rival Giants' AT&T Park in San Francisco if Coliseum officials don't come to terms on a new short-term lease for the team, sources tell us.

The A's two-year home stint at AT&T Park, which would start next season, would probably be the first step toward moving the team out of the Bay Area.

This rumor has been floated in order to scare A's fans, officials, politicians, whomever, into "doing something" to ensure the team stays in the area and doesn't move to who knows where else. Sacramento, Portland, Charlotte, Montreal, Brooklyn.

But let's imagine, to the horror of Giants fans, if the A's become roommates. McCovey Cove being renamed after Catfish Hunter. Glen Kuiper hanging around the park to broadcast just as much Duane Kuiper. The Willie Mays statue being replaced by twin statues of Jose and Ozzie Canseco. The A's profiting from garlic fries. Lou Seal being penned up like ... like ... like an animal, as Stomper is allowed to roam free on the grounds. Oakland ballplayers flushing blue rags who knows where? Josh Reddick and Brandon Moss messing up the Splash Hits counter. The periodic confusion of Santiago Casilla. All of that green and gold where there should be orange and black.

A few hurdles make the Chronicle's stadium sharing idea unlikely:

• The A's and Giants would have to agree to do it. It couldn't be forced on them. The "Odd Couple" scenario has happened before, most notably with the Yankees and Mets sharing Shea Stadium from 1974-75 as Yankee Stadium was renovated.

• Unless all of the pipes burst at once, rendering Oakland's Coliseum unplayable, what reason would be given for the necessity of the A's moving across the bay? Wouldn't the Oakland lease just be extended year by year?

• The A's paying the Giants rent money?

• And the Giants being willing to have the A's as tenants?

• There's the matter of nine games conflicting on the 2014 schedule. And what if both teams make the playoffs?!

The A's actually getting a new stadium in the Bay Area sounds more politically feasible than sharing a park with the Giants.

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