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  • Texas news anchor reacts to "White Power" signs held up at H.S. game

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally2 days ago

    The Texas news anchor known for lessons on empathy and equality is back, this time offering advice for the administrators at Flower Mound High School.

    WFAA anchor Dale Hansen dedicated his Feb. 24 "Dale Unplugged" segment to what happened at a Feb. 13 boys basketball game between Flower Mound and Plano East Senior High, and the way the community reacted to the incident.

    Hansen's message was meant for his community, but it's one that applies to all.

    Two students in Flower Mound's bleachers held up signs that said "White" and "Power." The school administration initially claimed the "white" sign just represented the school's colors and that the "power" was usually held up as part of "Jaguar Power." They said there was no racist intent.

    Parents added that the media and Twitter community were blowing the incident out of proportion, that the kids had five signs and just randomly grabbed two and it was an unfortunate coincidence that the two they chose read "White Power" when held together.

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  • H.S. rescinds coaching offer to former NFL player

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally3 days ago

    Former NFL player Artrell Hawkins Jr. was recently offered the chance to coach football at his alma mater, Bishop McCort High School in Johnstown, Pa. At a press conference announcing the hiring, he said he felt like he'd been hired to coach at Notre Dame.

    Within days, though, the school rescinded the offer. It appears administrators had not completed a background check before offering Hawkins the position. Once they did, they realized he was not an appropriate choice.

    “Coaching successions go through a formal process. … Unfortunately, this process was not appropriately followed in this circumstance,” school officials wrote in a statement. 

    The Associated Press reports that the decision was related to a domestic violence arrest last year in Cinncinnati, but the school's public relations spokesperson did not respond when the AP asked if that was the reason.

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  • Two Tennessee schools tossed from states for tanking

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally3 days ago

    Two Tennessee high school girls' basketball teams saw their state tournaments end early on Saturday, but not because they lost a tough game. Quite the opposite: they're out because they purposely tried to lose. One team went as far as trying to score in the other team's basket. 

    The referee in the Feb. 21 game between Riverdale (Tenn.) and Smyrna (Tenn.) reported it to the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association, writing that Riverdale “missed 12-16 free throws intentionally," while Smyrna “wouldn’t get the ball across the half-court line to get a 10-second count or to make us call an over and back violation intentionally.”

    At one point a Riverdale player "looked at one of the officials and gave the official a 3-second signal wanting him to call three seconds on her. Smyrna stood in the lane as well to have us call three seconds on them.”

    Smyrna trying to hand Riverdale the ball back. Then intentionally getting called for a backcourt violation. @tssaa

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  • Arkansas crowns first female state wrestling champion

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally4 days ago

    Arkansas crowned its first female wrestling state champion over the weekend. Destiny Nunez, a 17-year-old junior at Beebe (Ark.) High School, won the 106-pound weight class title at the 5A state meet.

    It's a goal she's been working towards since placing fourth at the championships as a freshman. She placed third last year. 

    "I don't want to be just compared to girls," she said. "I want to be compared to good wrestlers."

    After her performance in the state tournament, she should gain the respect she deserves. According to Arkansas Online:

    Nunez, the No. 3 seed at 106 pounds, beat No. 1 seed Aiden Menchaca of Maumelle 5-2 in Saturday's final at the Jack Stephens Center to win the Class 1A-5A championship. She became the first girl to a win an individual state championship in the seven years the state tournament has been held.

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  • H.S. baller bounces pass off opponent's back, dunks

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally8 days ago

    When he couldn't find an open teammate for an inbound pass, Devon Andrews decided he'd take care of it himself. The Lorain (Ohio) High School senior guard bounced the ball off an opponent's back, then grabbed it and went straight to the net.

    Andrews will play at Kent State next year. He scored 39 in Lorain's 95-55 route on Feb. 17, as the team advanced to 20-0 on the season.

    ____ Danielle Elliot is a writer for Yahoo Sports. Contact her at or find her on Twitter.

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  • Middle school basketball game ends in devastating way

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally9 days ago

    Life isn't really fair. Everyone learns this lesson at some point, usually by middle school. If the kids on the Rock Creek (Kansas) Mustangs didn't know it yet, they definitely do now. 

    Check out what happened in the final seconds of their recent Kansas Mid-East League 8th grade tournament semi-final game. Rock Creek was trailing Riley County, 26-25. 

    With one last chance to win the game, the Mustangs got the inbounds pass off to No. 2. He dribbled into the lane and got his shot off, the ball banking off the backboard. It looked like it would bounce around the rim and fall through the net, propelling the Mustangs to the win and a spot in the championship game.

    But then, the ball just stopped. It just sat on the back of the rim, taunting them, as time expired. 

    Props to the Mustangs for executing a play so well in the final seconds. There's really nothing else they could have done – sometimes things just don't fall your way.

    ____ Danielle Elliot is a writer for Yahoo Sports. Contact her at or find her on Twitter.


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  • Fans hold "White Power" signs at H.S. basketball game, parents infuriated

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally9 days ago

    A Texas community is understandably angry about a pair of signs students held up during a recent high school basketball game. The signs, held next to each other, read "White Power." They were up for about 30 seconds before school officials raced over to the section to take them down.

    The incident took place towards the end of a showdown between Flower Mound (Texas) High School and Plano East High School on Feb. 13. Flower Mound's team colors are navy and white, and the school's officials later said that the "white" sign was a reference to those colors. 

    The Plano East fans think there was more to it. "We thought it was racist," a Plano East student athlete told USA Today. "We were shocked."

    "It's just so sad that kids have to take it to that level," added a Plano East parent. 

    The signs have garnered a ton of attention on social media since a photo was posted on Friday. 

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