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Every time I watched the Carolina Panthers this season, I thought to myself, "You know what this team needs? For their Panther logo to not be such a pansy."

Today, there's good news. Look at the new guy. He'll chew your face off.

The Carolina Panthers have a new logo

Here's the official word from the Panthers.

Staying true to the roots of the panther with subtle updates reflecting a tougher, more defined panther, the evolved logo is evocative of the popular panther statues found on the grounds of Bank of America Stadium. The white outline around the logo has been removed to create a more dimensional feel and to keep the focus on the features of the panther.

I'd agree with the assessment that he's tougher and more defined. What I notice is that two of his little panther teeth are gone, but his other big chompers are bigger and have an inward curve, for better face-chewing ability. Also, he sort of doesn't have eyebrows anymore. I think it would be a bad idea for you to attempt to shave a panther's eyebrows at home, but these are experts, and an eyebrow-less panther is a more terrifying panther.

Also, there have been changes to the famous Carolina Panthers logotype. These, I'm not as excited about.

Here's the old and the new:

The Carolina Panthers have a new logo

This disappoints me. The old logotype said, "We're the Carolina Panthers and we're here to play some football and PARTAAAAAAAY." And that party would be attended by Sinbad and Spuds McKenzie.

The new one … ah, it's just corporate-y letters with a few random kitty scratches in it. Boooooo. No one who made that font is here to party.

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