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Tedy Bruschi would twist the bejesus out of Arian Foster’s hammyI felt this morning that Arian Foster's hamstring MRI Twitpic (or mobypicture, as the case may be) had been blown a little bit out of proportion. And then I saw Tedy Bruschi(notes) talking with Colin Cowherd about it on ESPN Radio, and now I feel like everyone is losing their mind.

Bruschi, the former Patriots linebacker and current ESPN analyst, goes apoplectic about Foster's tweet. You can see it here. From what I can gather, here's his main objection:

"This was just incredibly stupid, if you ask me. I mean, you're twittin' [sic] MRI picture, X-rays, you're giving other teams intimate knowledge of your playing ability. Incredibly dumb."

Foster also said in his next tweet that he wouldn't have posted it if he thought it was a "significant injury," and that he would be fine. "Humor is lost nowadays," said Foster.

But Bruschi's an old-school guy. He spent his entire career with the Patriots, most of it playing for Bill Belichick, who guards injury information like it's the passcode to his personal safe. That's the Patriot way. And apparently, the Bruschi way.

I tend to believe that when Week 1 is over, no one will remember the MRI tweet, and it will have had no real effect on anything. I don't think you're going to hear "Man, Tedy Bruschi was so right" come out of Arian Foster's(notes) mouth in the postgame press conference. But I guess time will tell how that'll play out.

Back to Bruschi, though. If he were an opponent of Arian Foster's, how would he use the MRI tweet against him?

"You know what I'm going to like also, as a defensive player, if this is his hamstring? Noting that the sore spot, the white spot that he calls 'anti-awesomeness' right there, is in the middle of the hamstring. As I'm getting up off of a pile, maybe I push. Maybe that's where I push to get up, because I know that's exactly where it is, and I give it a little dig, I give it a little twist, and I get off of the pile. Maybe I do that."

Distasteful as it may be, that was going to happen anyway. People were talking about Foster's hamstring before the tweet. It's not like Colts coaches are going to be passing out copies of it to their players, so they can better target the inflamed area. "No no no, look, Fili! The edema is at the proximal end of the semitendinosus muscle, not the distal end! Duh!"

I'm not really sure what any of that means. I just watch a lot of "House."

The Texans play the Colts a week from Sunday.

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