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Ryan Clark thinks Monday night’s power outage was a conspiracy

James Harrison thought the lights went out at Candlestick Park on Monday night because he wasn't in the building for such a big game. His teammate, Ryan Clark, thinks the lights went out precisely because it was a big game. (Cue "X-Files" music.)

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The Pittsburgh Steelers safety told the San Francisco Chronicle that he believed Monday night's double power outage was planned by civic leaders or team officials to highlight the inadequacy of the 51-year-old stadium. Earlier this week, Santa Clara's city council endorsed a deal to approve funds for a new stadium, provided the NFL contributes at least $150 million.

"I just feel like San Francisco took a big stage to show the NFL and to show the state of California that they needed a new stadium," said Clark, who is also probably a big fan of those moon landing hoax specials on the Discovery Channel. "I think it was a very strategic move and Candlestick may be no more very soon."

Whether or not it would come down in a controlled demolition, Clark didn't say.

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