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Jerome Harrison’s failed physical turned up a brain tumor

The reason for Jerome Harrison's(notes) failed physical, the one that voided the trade between the Lions and Eagles, was a brain tumor, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions agreed to a trade on Tuesday that would've sent Harrison to Philadelphia. A day later, however, the trade was voided when Harrison did not pass a physical.

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Here's the tweet from Schefter:

Without trade, Jerome Harrison doesn't get physical. Without physical, doctors don't find brain tumor. Trade might have saved his life.

We don't yet know of a definitive prognosis for Harrison, but Reuben Frank of says that the tumor is "considered treatable and not life-threatening." He also says Harrison wouldn't play again this year.

Obviously, we wish the best for Harrison. Treatable or not, the term "brain tumor" is horrifying, and must've come as an unbelievable shock to the guy.

This is the worst kind of news, and obviously, there's nothing good about it. As Schefter points out, though, it's not hard to see the trade as a blessing. A physical is mandatory when you're traded in the NFL, and without it, maybe doctor's don't find the tumor until much, much later.

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