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Seattle Seahawks defensive end Raheem Brock(notes) was sitting in a team meeting last week when police entered the auditorium to discuss a $3,000 hotel bill Brock never paid.

Except there wasn't really a disputed bill and Brock was never in any trouble. It was all a ruse by Seahawks coach and notorious jokester Pete Carroll.

Brock, you may recall, was arrested in June for failing to pay a $27 bar tab. He had been asked to leave the Philadelphia bar on account of an unruly lady friend who didn't like the menu.

Five observations:

1. I have no idea whether the other players were in on the joke. Either way, I love how somebody catcalls "Raheem!" as Brock is getting led away by the police. It's like when a kid would get called to the principal's office over the intercom and everyone in the classroom would go "ooooooh!"

2. Carroll sells this so well it amazes me he never dabbled in acting while coaching in Los Angeles. Or maybe he did. A quick IMDB search shows that the coach once appeared as an actor in a show called "Cubed."

3. It's a good thing for Carroll that Brock handled himself so well. What if he had flipped out and started screaming at the cops? Or tried to flee? This could have quickly turned into a segment of "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong."

4. I hate to think of what kind of prank Carroll would pull if a player got arrested for solicitation.

5. Brock should have known this was fake the second Carroll started reading the hotel bill. Doesn't he know the former USC coach always turns the other way when confronted with his players' finances?

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