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HTML clipboardI believe these seats were designed specifically for you, Redskins fan. Enjoy the hospitality from Jerry Jones and the Cowboys family.

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Cali Lewis of visited the Cowboys' new stadium to check out the giant HDTV and some of the other technological wonders present in The House of Jerry. While there, she happened to find two of the worst seats available in sports, unless you bring a wrecking ball to the stadium with you.

That's okay, though. At least there's the giant punt-blocking TV you'll be able to watch when the action's on the other side of the field, right? Sadly, no. From the seat hugging the concrete on the right, you can't even see that. You're just awash in a concrete wonderland. But from what I understand, Texas concrete is bigger and better than anyone else's concrete.

I'd imagine Jerry Jones hasn't enjoyed the past couple of days. He spends all this time, money and energy on a stadium that's beyond state-of-the-art, and the first time it hosts a game, all people do is complain. "Waaah, the scoreboard blocks punts! Waaaah, I can't see the game!" Did no one even notice the sesame seeds on the hot dog buns?

Gracias, Deadspin.

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