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The celebration of the AFL's 50th anniversary have given us the best throwback jerseys ever to be worn in the NFL. The Titans' powder blue unis are the picture of cool, particularly with those old Oilers oil derrick helmets. And the traditionalist in me loves the white and red of the New England Patriots, a much more appropriate color scheme than the silver and blue used by the team today. But not all the throwbacks for the original eight AFL teams provide such fond memories of the past. Case in point, the garish eyesores worn by the Denver Broncos.

The vertically-striped socks immediately draw the attention, but any chance those had of working are ruined by the unsightly yellows and browns on the uniform. The bright yellow made the Broncos players look like crossing guards and the stripes on the pants give the appearance of a jaundiced zebra.

Minus the comparisons to the Wicked Witch of the East (and yes, those were horizontal but sock stripes are stock stripes), the socks could have worked with another color scheme. But not with this one. Heck, even MJD didn't like the get-up, and he liked the Seahawks lime green unis.

Receiver Jabar Gaffney(notes) decided to twist his socks, either in protest of being made to dress like Charlie Brown or in an homage to barbershops destroyed in tornadoes. He can expect to get a letter from the NFL about that. Maybe he can try paying his fine in 1962 dollars.

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