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It's been rumored for a while that the Detroit Lions would be unveiling a new logo, possibly new uniforms, and perhaps some new colors. Everyone had been rather tight-lipped about it, though, likely preferring to reveal it at a higher-profile time and destination, like perhaps the NFL draft.

Someone got excited, though, and posted a model truck for sale on with the new logo and script logo (it's since been taken down) and the good people at Lions blog Highlight Reel caught it.

Obviously, the number one priority when when unveiling a new logo is to make sure that the model truck always hits the stores first. People cannot resist a good model truck. Except these people. They can resist.

Anyway, the Lions' changes are pretty minor, and I can't tell any difference at all in the colors. The uniforms probably won't change much, either. The differences in the logo itself is that our Lion friend now has an open mouth, an eye, some stripes to indicate a mane, better-separated paws up front, and a distinguishable crotch in the back. The distinguishable crotch, I find very becoming.

And you can see the drastic changes in the new script logo. Gone is the old, standing-straight-up font with the little embellishments in the middle of the letters that made it look like something you'd see in a saloon in 1893. The new script is italic, slightly curvy, and downright aggressive. GRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I predict that these uniforms are going to bring the Lions at least one more win than they had last year.

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