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Not only did they not endorse him, they wished injury upon Cedric Benson. And not only did they wish it, but they actually tried very hard in practice to make it a reality.

Jay Glazer was on Dan Patrick's radio show today, and he told Patrick about the 2006 training camp depth-chart battle between Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson. Lovie Smith favored Benson, but the Bears players ... well, they had a pretty clear favorite (mp3).

Glazer: I mean, hell, one year, they tried to hurt [Benson] to make sure that Thomas Jones was going to be the starter. That's how bad it was with that team. And--

Patrick: Wait ... his teammates tried to hurt him in practice?

Glazer: Oh yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.


Patrick: Who told you this? Was it a Bears defensive player that told you this?

Glazer: No, it wasn't *a* Bears defensive player; it was about ten of them.

Man, I wish I had known that before I interviewed Tommie Harris.

Benson's phone probably wasn't going to be ringing off the hook anyway, but I bet he's sitting at home right now thinking, "Thanks a lot, Glazer. It'll really help my signability if everyone knows that my own teammates wanted to cripple me."

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