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Tebow makes the debut cover of the NFL’s new magazineThere's been talk from different corners that Tim Tebow(notes) should receive all kinds of awards as his season progresses. All-Pro, Pro Bowl … some probably want to extend the Offensive Rookie of the Year award to second-year players just so he can win it. And you'll probably find a few goofballs out there who believe that he's the NFL's Most Valuable Player. (We would argue that he might be the Most Valuable Pray-er, but we'd probably get a good smiting for that. Whoops. Too late).

Well, there's one cool thing Tebow's getting for sure, and that's the debut cover on the NFL's new official magazine. To be released on Dec. 13, the new mag will integrate with and the NFL Network in some interesting ways. We did a podcast with editor-in-chief Mike Dunphy, and that will be up early Friday, along with some other interesting surprises, but we did want to let you know about the new publication.

And, of course, since Tebow's on the cover, there's a Letterman-style Top 10 list of interesting facts about everybody's favorite "He Just Wins!" guy:

10. Tim, born in Makati City, Philippines, is NOT the first NFL player born in that nation; that honor goes to Tennessee C Eugene Amano(notes), who joined the NFL in 2004.

9. Florida was a natural for Tim; his parents met as Gators.

8. First play in college: Ran for a touchdown.

7. Tim says the highlight of 2011 has not been winning NFL games, but opening a hospital in the Philippines that cares for the poor.

6. Tim's high school teams (in Ponte Vedra, Fla.) were the Panthers.

5. Tim did not attend the high school where he played football; he was home-schooled.

4. First soph or frosh to win the Heisman (2006).

3. On a press conference call, he said he had never heard of the SI jinx; here's a note officially giving him the NFL Magazine Blessing.

2. Comeback win over Dolphins in October was largest with less than three minutes remaining since 1970.

…and the No. 1 fun fact about Tim Tebow:

1. Middle name: Richard. So there are some things about him that aren't that special. But not that many.

The magazine's original idea was to go with Cam Newton(notes) on the first cover, but … well, sorry, Cam. Like almost everybody else in the NFL, you're getting bumped for No. 15.

There are some other interesting topics in the first issue, which includes Boomer Esiason, Jim Mora (the younger), and Andrea Kremer among its contributors:

-- Stories covering the rookie successes of 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and Carolina QB Cam Newton.

-- A feature on Peyton Manning's(notes) impact on his team and teammates.

-- A celebration of the 40th anniversary of the NFL's longest game.

-- Behind-the-scenes at "NFL GameDay Morning," a look at the popular NFL Network pregame show.

-- Hot Pix:  Spectacular shots of some of the most amazing catches from the 2011 season.

-- The Fan Zone, including food, style, fitness, video games, and more.

You can find out more about the magazine right here.

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